Zhangye Colorful Danxia Scenic Spot

The area of Zhang in Danxia National Geopark is 510 square kilometres in total, it located in the north of Qilian mountains, SuNa County territory. It includes the colour hills in Linze country ,ice hills, Danxia and GanZhou District and PingShan lake. The scenic Danxia, is a distance of 40 km from east Zhang Ye city, north from Linze county town by 20 kilometers, this is the most typical arid area of northern China.

Zhangye Colorful Danxia Scenic Spot 张掖七彩丹霞旅游景区简介

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Seven rosy clouds(monoclinic)

Here is a stretch of monoclinic mountain, the main formation of stratum include a thin layer of mudstone, sandy mudstone and shale. Red, purple, yellow, green, white and grey colour were mixed with each other, strewn at random. Just as a goddess in Chinese mythology who patched the sky but lost those colourful stone and woman weavers who washed voile to add colour to clothes; those different colours are like someone who uses a rainbow to dance and a bird which lived in the sun to make more vitality.

The monk prayer (sandstone rock hill)

Countless hillock like many monks draped in purple frame, worship to decumbent Buddha together, build a seemed solemn atmosphere. Actually "The monk prayer" is a set of layered sandstone and argillaceous siltstone after strong weathering, under water erosion and shape, has mostly formed a soft line, round shape, bottom and low areas of large numbers of tiny purple rock is formed.

Spirit monkey view sea

Nearly vertical layers is one of the folding wings, which is caused by the difference of rock weathering. Relatively hard brown sandstone due to the weathering resistance is strong, and remain in colour. Diagonal to the top of the hill, in the east of flat rock; spirit monkey rises out of the mountains, sitting on fire myriad years; gold eyes to see the rise and fall, after the sea change.

Scallop (sandstone rock hill)

The huge "scallops" are the colour of drought, hilly fuelled underwater, show the joy of life. Actually, they are off-white, red and greyish yellow sandstone rock stripes. Hundreds of millions of years ago the sea elves, after the passage of temper, grew these huge “scallops’, to increase the colour for drought hilly like underwater world.

Seven colour (colour hills)

In the upper colour hills, tilted towards a "single" rock formation like a distant flying peacock. Zhang ye city shows the earth’s beautiful scenery, a gorgeous colour; beneath the hills, in the water under the action of erosion, forming rolling undulating ravines.

Dao shan huo hai (monoclinic)

The angular white peaks, be like new blade stands. The red painted mountains dance, such as flame warmly burns, far and near, combine to create “dao shan huo hai". The landscape is composed of many noise hills, the main colours are purple, sage green and yellow-green. They consist of mottled sandstone and argillaceous sandstone, the rock bedding is clear.

Zhang ye danxia landform basic introduction

Zhang ye qilian mountain danxia landform group, has been founded in danxia landform group is located in the north of qilian mountains was, in the 'township south silver yugu autonomous county as the centre, east longitude 99 DHS 30 ~ 100 DHS' 20 ', latitude 38 DHS 40 '~ 39 between DHS 10', about 2000 meters to 3800 meters high, 40 km long between east and west, about 5 ~ 10 km wide north-south, distributed in more than 300 square kilometres. Cliff thousands mountains all present a bright red or reddish brow and set off each other to show the demeanour of there have bright colour like heavy cinnabar and red glow from the sun. qilian mountain carve up mountain ridges, majestic mountains, colourful, the local minority this strange mountain is called "Alan gulag" (red mountain). Danxia is refers to the red glutting by long-term weathering stripping and water erosion, forming the isolated peaks and steep rock ledges.